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Paid or Engaged?

No this isn't TMF planning the PR stunt wedding of the century…its about understanding the role of organic versus paid social media.

It's clear to most organisations that social media is now an established medium for communicating with existing and potential customers. Yet many businesses struggle to determine if they should be paying for display adverts, sponsoring messages or posting/tweeting themselves.

Many directors wind up winging it when they have a spare moment or pushing it down on an already stretched marketing manager.

Sourcing advice from 'digital' freelancers' oftentimes leads to confusion with a bamboozling introduction to takeovers, CPM, targeted demographics, CPC, and conversion funnels. Followed by proposals with drastically different approaches and price points.

In recent months, London digital marketing salaries have taken a dip; organisations have realised that many social experts lack an understanding of basic marketing principles. This may explain why many social experts fail to take the time to understand a business and its operations before proposing a social media strategy and execution plan.

Social media is another channel or route to market. And like other marketing efforts should be aligned with a company's overall goals and objectives.  Once that's ascertained, businesses will be in a better position to understand what they want to achieve through social media and if that's through paid, organic or a mixture of both.

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